The Parker Small Group


I’m looking forward to our new format for the Small Group Spring session and invite anyone with a heart for “digging deeper” into Pastor Ken’s sermons to join this group.  Pastor Ken has a special gift and talent for developing and delivering Biblically-based sermons that motivate and challenge the church.  The goal of this group is to review his sermon teaching points with an emphasis on life-application- how do we live out the lessons of Pastor Ken’s sermons.  The group is not geared to any specific demographic other than anyone and everyone with a sincere desire to grow and mature in faith- young, old, couples, singles- all are welcome!

Our Sunday evening sessions will include a time of food and fellowship.  Parents with infants under the age of one are welcome to bring them along.  There are no pets in the home. 


If you have questions, would like more information, or would like to sign up for a small group - contact Jim Parker at 

(Starts at 6pm)

Jim Parker

24561 Tontine Rd.

Kansas City, KS 66109

(913) 250-0933