Jarred's Small Group


Christianity is about being a part of the family of God. Small Group at VWFC is about being family and walking our faith-life journey together. What do families do? We eat, talk and share life! Our Small Group will do just that—share a meal, share in discussion about the messages from Pastor Ken’s teaching and explore ways to apply them to our daily life, and then provide opportunities to support each other as we actually put what we are learning into practice. (Note about our home - there are stairs to go anywhere in our house.)

If you have questions, would like more information, or would like to sign up for a small group - contact Jim Parker at jparker@villagewestchurch.com


(Starts at 5pm)


Bob and Janet Jarred

1202 South 104th St
Edwardsville, KS  66111
(913) 909-3886