Music and Fine Arts


Music, Worship, and Fine Arts are integral tools in the overall life and ministry of Village West Family Church. Under the direction of Brooke Kendall, this department seeks to develop people in the use of their talents and gifts in a way that touches peoples lives and gives glory to God. Through vibrant worship, special music, drama, youth fine arts, and choirs, the team expresses their worship and talents. 

There are many ways to be involved in this ministry. Through song, instruments and drama, there is always a place to get involved in this area of the church. 

What is worship? There are as many different answers to this question as people you can ask. Is it possible to give a complete definition of worship? To some, worship is contemporary, to others it is traditional. To some it includes a full band while others connect in worship with a piano and an organ. It is not so much the style of worship that matters, but to whom the worship is being offered. 

As Christ followers we are taught to have no other gods but Jehovah God. Does God have a worship preference? The Bible teaches us that what He prefers is someone who worships Him in Spirit and in truth. Worship is conversation with God. It is communion with Him. 

Sometimes it is more about listening than it is about talking, singing, or doing. Too often, worship focuses upon human needs: blessing, belonging, or a good feeling. While the worshiper often experiences those benefits, the main focus must be God, and our offering to Him. Worship provides the opportunity for one to remove self from the throne of the heart and exalt God, the ruler of all things.